Want to Enhance your Vehicle?

What is Enhance?


In today’s world, everyone is truly special in their own little way. Everyone’s got that one thing that makes them stand out from everyone else. To some, it’s having an 11th toe, to others it’s their car. The aftermarket space in the vehicle industry has grown dramatically over the past decade. With a 20-billion-dollar growth just in one year alone. The increase in the industry is attributed to the demand for more and more enhancements on vehicles. Luckily for you, the VIP Service Center at Bill Luke Santan is your one stop shop for any enhancements or customizations you’d like to perform on your vehicle.

Chrome Delete Vinyl Wrap


The first step you take in customizing your vehicle is always an interesting one. You find yourself torn on what aftermarket adjustment to make first. So, we decided to start on the list of enhancements we do at our shop from a performance aspect. We’re talking about lift kits, leveling kits, upgraded tires, upgraded wheels and bed liners. Leveling kits are more for the truck owners looking to get rid of the “rake” in their truck by adding strut spacers on the front of their truck. Lift kits are for those looking to add four or even six inches to their truck’s overall height. Our wheels and tires options are for all vehicles, whether that means you’re looking to get bigger premium wheels or you’re trying to upgrade to some better tires for your driving style. Last on the list was a spray-in bedliner, and you may be thinking that it isn’t really a performance item, but we disagree. This enhancement on your truck enhances the performances of your truck bed. It allows you to throw in more things in the back of your truck without worrying about scratching up the truck bed’s paint.

Spray-In Bedliners


While we’re on the topic of paint, let’s talk about the cosmetic enhancements we offer at Bill Luke Santan. If you are looking to change your car’s look from the boring factory colors, you can do that with us. You can also choose to go with the option of a vinyl wrap as well if you want to go with a more inexpensive route. Another way you can enhance your vehicle is with upholstery work. An example of the type of work we do is switching your boring cloth seats to something a lot cooler like Katzkins! The last cosmetic line item to enhance your vehicle is of course some powder coating work. With the best equipment available to us we can change the color of your wheels or even your brake calipers.

Powder Coat Wheels


The VIP Service Center at Bill Luke Santan is your one-stop-shop for all your enhancement needs. We can perform virtually any customization to your vehicle, from ride quality to cosmetic enhancements. Visit us or call us today to tell us what your vision is for your car, and we’ll help make that dream become a reality!   

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