Everything the VIP Service Center has to offer

Bill Luke VIP Service Center


The VIP Service Center at Bill Luke Santan is a one-stop shop for all your vehicle needs. One of the unique features for this service center is that we service all makes and all models, even if you didn’t purchase the vehicle from us, we will still service it.  Often when you go to a Ford dealership or Honda dealership, they will just service those types of vehicles. Another unique feature of the service center is that they offer 24-hour pick-up and drop-off. We understand that life doesn’t always line up perfect, so having this feature allows for customers to help fit a service appointment in where it best fits their schedule. There is a wide array of services offered, broken down into maintenance, repairs, enhance, valley tint, and revitalization for your vehicle.


In terms of maintenance our service center offers a wide variety of assistance for things like oil changes, tires and rotations, fluid services, brakes, wipers, batteries and filter changes. One of the most important services to have done for maintenance is getting your oil changed. Oil will keep parts of your engine lubricated and having this changed on a regular basis will allow for your vehicles longevity to stay intact and running smooth. Another important part of your car to have checked is the brakes, and this includes brake pads, brake fluid, and the rotors. Safety should always be a top priority when getting your car looked at, and even though brakes do not need to be changed out as often as oil, it is always a good thing to just have double checked.  Lastly, you want to get those tires looked at because they are another key factor in driver safety. Making sure the traction and grip are in good shape will allow for more controlled steering and braking.

Have your fluids changed often


As much as we would want to believe that our car will run perfectly forever, that is simply just not the case. Often you will run into repairs that need to be made, and here our service center we can take care of them for you regardless of the make and model of your vehicle. Some of the repairs that we do fall under the categories of suspension, steering, engine, transmission, electrical, trim, A/C and dent repairs. When looking to repair certain parts of the car it is best to have them looked at by a professional because cars have become more complex over the years. Before, the average person could open the hood of a car and change a belt or change a filter, but now companies have made it more difficult. So, feel free to rely on our professional staff to take care of you.

Enhancements to have your car looking awesome


There are a ton of different ways to enhance the look and performance of your vehicle to make it stand out from the rest. We offer many different upgrade options from lift and leveling kits, wheels and tires, down to vinyl wraps and paint. The lift and leveling kits are more directed to truck owners who want to give their vehicle either a larger look with a 2-to-7-inch lift to fit larger tires or increase ground clearance. Our wheel and tire upgrades are available for anyone who wants to take their car to that next level whether it is just for cosmetic purpose, strictly performance, or a mixture of both. With our vinyl wraps and paint options, you have to opportunity to fully customize your car exactly how you always dreamed of. A great thing to keep in mind is that painting is not only limited to the body of the car, but we also offer a powder coating option for the wheels and can change the color of your brake calipers. 

Valley Tint

We know how harsh the sun can get in the summer, especially here in Arizona. That is why we offer Valley Tint, a product line featuring carbon technology from SunTek. The Carbon Series film used is built to last over time and comes with a lifetime manufacture’s warranty. This warranty includes protection against fading, peeling, cracking, adhesive failure, change in color, and delamination. Although it is protected under the lifetime warranty, the carbon film is formulated for a non-reflective, true black finish that will not fade over time. The carbon tint is also engineered to meet the current market performance demands with non-metal and nano-hybrid technology. It is designed to protect against solar heat, UV, and infrared rays to provide cooler comfort when driving. With Valley Tint, we have the exclusive TruCut pattern cutting software to provide the highest quality of trimming and ensure the film is on tightly.

The new car feel with revitalization


There is no better feeling than when you get into your new car for the first time and having everything look and feel new. That is our goal and standard here with the revitalize service that will fall under the new detail center being added soon. With our revitalize service, we offer many different options such as upholstery fixes, dent repair, buff and polish, correct paint fading, rim scratches, body work, scratch removal, spot treatment & shampoo, and detail packages. Getting back to that new car feel is something that everyone dreams of once they’ve had their car for a while and our detail packages will do exactly that. The VIP packages comes with a 3-stage machine buff and polish that will have the exterior of the car sparkling. While the interior will get a spot treatment and shampoo accompanied with a vacuum and hot water extraction.


If you ever find yourself in need of any of these services, please feel free to come down to our VIP Service Center here at Bill Luke Santan. We offer a variety of services, as listed above, from maintenance, repairs, enhancements, Valley Tint, and revitalization of your vehicle. We are a one-stop shop for all your service needs and offer 24-hour drop-off and pick-up. Click the link below to schedule an appointment online or come into our express lane and we will service your car no matter the make or the model, we do them all.

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