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In a world where customization is something that most consumers look for when making purchases, we have come to realize that it is imperative to offer products that are tailored to a consumer’s personality. We began to explore vehicles that are of high quality and that are pre-built with custom features and began to offer vehicles like trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs with a ton of upgrades included. When exploring our inventory for the perfect custom vehicle for you, be sure to look for one of the four features the vehicle is more likely to have. The custom vehicle will either come equipped with lift kits/level kits, performance/street/off-road tires, 18”-20” premium wheels, and even custom window tinting. If you are wondering what the benefits are to any of these, then join in on the fun below for the enlightenment of all things custom!!

Lift kits & levels

Besides the obvious advantage of being higher off the ground, a lift kit allows for a wider field of view. With a lift kit, drivers can notice your vehicle among the rest of traffic, especially in congested areas. Among the benefits for a lift kit, benefits of a leveling kit also apply when by adding some bigger/beefier tires to your vehicle, allowing for more aggressive grooves in your tread to tackle any terrain with ease. With stock suspension most vehicles tend to “squat” which may lead to bottoming out when towing a heavy load, so a lift kit does put some ease on your towing. With a leveling kit in place, you can enjoy some peace of mind knowing that these levels allow for much better handling of the car. The last benefit could just be a biased opinion, but you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want at least a little bit of bias in your reading. The bias opinion is that lifted vehicles just look better than a normal car that you bought bone stock.

Performance & Off-road tires

When talking about performance tires, it is easy to say that based on a person’s lifestyle may not always be the best fit. Performance tires have the benefit of improving a vehicle’s handling capacity, higher speed capabilities, the ability to stop quicker and they provide enhanced grip. However, if your lifestyle is slightly more adventurous, then we also have vehicles with rugged off-road tires. These tires provide the most versatility given their capability to take the vehicle wearing them to go just about anywhere. These tires were designed to provide additional traction when driving on dirt roads, trails, etc. but also give a comfortable ride on the highway and city roads. The biggest difference is that the off-road tires have deeper tread on them which allows the additional traction on an unpaved surface, which is different from the performance tires that don’t need deep grooves for paved roads. For people with a lifestyle balanced between paved and unpaved roads, the off-road tires are tires that we recommend when choosing a custom vehicle.

18″-20″ wheels & window tint

At Bill Luke, some of the custom vehicles on our lot offer premium wheel options with sizes that start at 18-inches. Now besides the obvious biased opinion of a car just having a stronger visual appeal, and a nicer stance, there are other benefits to larger premium wheels. Increasing the wheel does require the sidewall of the tire to be smaller, but this will provide the vehicle with improved handling characteristics. You will notice that the steering response and cornering of the car will improve with the bigger wheels. Having premium wheels also saves your vehicle some weight from riding on bigger rubber tires. Another notable benefit is the cooling of breaks from having premium alloy wheels. Alloy wheels act as a heat conductor which allows brakes to dissipate their heat efficiently. On the other hand, window tint has 4 benefits worth mentioning. Having a vehicle with tinted windows helps keep your car’s upholstery from fading, it blocks harmful UV rays, helps reject solar heat, and it provides added security and privacy in your car so that you can pick your nose without an audience.


At the end of the day, you are the one who decides whether having a custom vehicle is something that matches your lifestyle. If you are completely content with a stock vehicle that doesn’t have any outrageous upgrades, then just shop our normal inventory by clicking here. However, if your lifestyle compliments the lifestyle of custom vehicles with lift kits, leveling kits, off road tires, then click here to visit our selection of vehicles. We hope to see you soon, and if you ever have any questions about our custom vehicles and need specifics on the customizations feel free to contact us any time! If you enjoyed this content, please be sure to comment what you would like to see in future blogs!

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