How Can I Increase the Value of My Trade?

September 1st, 2020 by

Four Steps to Increase Your Car’s Trade-In Value!

So How Do You Do It?


There is so much that goes into buying a car and one key component that plays a huge role in the car buying experience is the used car that you are replacing. You can sell it to Bill Luke without the need to buy another car or sell it to another person in a private sale, or you can trade-in your vehicle to use toward a down payment on a new car you buy from Bill Luke. No matter which direction you choose, there are a few steps you can take to maximize your car’s trade-in value. We have provided four extremely effective tips below to make sure you get the most out of your trade-in value.


Whenever you contemplate selling your car, it’s important to consider washing it in order to increase its curb appeal, and this goes the same for your trade-in. When the time comes to trade-in your vehicle, spend some time, or a little money, cleaning your car. This includes making sure you vacuum your vehicle, clean the wheels, and apply anything else that will make your car look as presentable as possible for the trade-in evaluators.

Clean Cars!


Our trade-in evaluators at Bill Luke Santan fully expect minor dings in a car, and these minor dents shouldn’t significantly affect the trade-in value of your car. However, if some of those dents are bigger, or if there’s a lot of them (almost as if you parked it out on a driving range), then it may affect your trade-in value. The next thing to consider is the tread of your tires before trading in your vehicle. The primary reason for this is that a tire with no tread on it isn’t safe to drive, and a dealership will take that into account if you bring in something with no tread, which may lower your trade-in value.


After living with a car that may have a visor that doesn’t stay up, or a passenger window that doesn’t roll up or down, you may forget the importance of functioning windows and visors for someone purchasing a new car. So even if those things seem like small problems, they are issues that may affect the trade-in value of your vehicle because they are issues the dealership will need to fix before reselling your vehicle. We recommend that you consider a small budget to fix minor problems in order to show that your vehicle has been well maintained.

Give it A Good Buff!


Along with servicing your vehicle, we recommend you keep all receipts of any and all work that has been done to your vehicle. This will help show that it was serviced routinely and professionally by reputable organizations. A well-maintained vehicle is more likely to go the extra-mile, and that will show in your trade-in’s value. The same idea applies if you have any aftermarket parts installed on your vehicle. We recommend that you bring in the original parts with you when you trade in the vehicle.

Receipts Matter!


Once you have followed all these steps and you’re ready to trade your car in, then consider Bill Luke Santan. Our wide-ranging inventory and trade-in offer will set you up for your next car! If you enjoyed this content, be sure to comment with any other tips you’d like to learn about!

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