How to Get a Quick Oil Change

July 23rd, 2021 by

Welcome to the VIP Express Lane!

What makes it a vip service?


The VIP Service Center at Bill Luke Santan is your one stop shop for all your maintenance and repair needs. Rest easy knowing that we manage all preventative maintenance and repairs, including the ability to get your vehicle serviced the same day you bring it in. When considering the topic of preventative maintenance, the most common service is a routine oil change. When you go in to receive what these other locations refer to as a quick oil change, you may end up being there for hours depending on the number of vehicles they have. The beauty of the VIP Express Lane in our service department is the guarantee that we will perform a routine oil change and a couple other services in 30 minutes or less. Want to know more about the value that the VIP Express Lane has to offer? Let’s get right into it!

Servicing All Makes & Models


Let’s get into what happens before we take your keys and put your car on a lift. You could schedule your VIP Express Lane oil change for a date that is most convenient for you online through our website. If you’re one of those that just happens to find 30 minutes in their day you can bring in your vehicle without an appointment and still be out in 30 minutes or less. As you pull into our service drive, you will be greeted by one of our service advisors. With their handy dandy tablet, they’ll check you in for your service and then proceed to escorting you inside the building. Upon entry they’ll offer you a drink and show you to our comfortable service lounge.

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Brand New Facility


While you wait ever so patiently in our service lounge, our service technicians are already on a mission to get your vehicle on a lift and begin the routine oil change that you brought it in for. While your vehicle is getting its oil drained, the technician begins giving your vehicle a quick multipoint inspection to ensure other components of your car are in proper working condition. The components that are checked are brakes, tires, fluid levels, windshield, wipers, air filter, struts/shocks, battery, and many others! When that inspection is done, the technician replaces your oil filter and tops your car off with oil and brings it back down from the lift and into the drive.

Quality Workmanship


When your vehicle is brought back, your service advisor will come get you from the service lounge. The service advisor at this time will review your car’s report card with you. This will allow you to learn and gain a better understanding of where your vehicle is at mechanically. Your service advisor will provide you with honest and accurate recommendations for your vehicle should it need them. You will never have to worry about receiving a recommendation for a service or repair if your car does not need it. Once that conversation is had, your advisor will assist you in scheduling your next service for you, escort you out to your vehicle and hand you a complimentary VIP Service Center car air-freshener as a token of our appreciation.


The VIP in our name wasn’t a name that we chose to represent our service center unless we were ready to reinforce it with our top-of-the-line facility and customer service. Not only is our service center a state-of-the-art facility capable of all maintenance and repairs. It is also a facility that is staffed with individuals with utmost levels of professionalism and expertise. It’s safe to say that the “VIP” in our VIP Service Center at Bill Luke Santan name was earned! We look forward to your next VIP Express Lane appointment!

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