The VIP Service Center at Bill Luke Santan is Here!

State of the art facility


The VIP Service Center at Bill Luke Santan is now open in Gilbert, AZ inside of the Santan Motorplex Loop! You can find the service center just West of the Bill Luke Santan automotive dealership. The VIP Service Center has been open for business since April 1, 2021 and is servicing vehicles of all makes and models. Most people would agree that regular routine maintenance is of the utmost importance. The residents of Gilbert and its immediate neighbors can now find comfort in knowing that our VIP Service Center is ready to serve them on all routine maintenance and repairs among many other services offered! The following information is not only relevant to the qualities of a good service center, but also what makes our service center an example to follow.   

One-Stop Facility

A one-stop shop means being able to take your car into one location and getting virtually any type of work done to it. If you’re looking to get a routine oil change or replace your brakes, we’ve got you covered. When looking to make some enhancements to your vehicle, know that we can manage a lift kit, and get you some upgraded tires and wheels. Looking to revitalize your car, know that we can clean it up and even fix cosmetic damage like dents and tears to the upholstery to get that car back to looking like new. Finally, a one stop shop means being able to perform repairs that are covered by CNA Warranty. The VIP Service Center is a certified center capable of resolving all claims to fix any issues you may be having with your vehicle.


Staff that Delivers

Where we believe our exceptional customer service begins and ends, is with our employees. At our service center you can come in knowing that you will be greeted by a friendly team member. Our team will address your vehicle’s needs while giving you accurate and transparent recommendations on any services needed. If a repair is needed, rest assured knowing that our team explains the information in a way that is easy to comprehend. The last thing you want to do is walk out of a service center and not know what is going on with your car!

A Name you Trust

When thinking about where to service your vehicle, it’s a given that you won’t visit the first business you see on the side of the road. You will more than likely do your due diligence and ask friends or family where they take their vehicles to be worked on. If you are the type to listen to family/friend recommendations, then you more than likely trust online reviews and recommendations from strangers as well. Regardless of where you find your answers, know that Bill Luke takes pride in its positive reputation from both word of mouth and online reviews because they are both equally important.

Battery Testing

Positive Customer Experience

Now, we live in a world where people love an experience. Shouldn’t that also include the experience you get when waiting for your car to be serviced? We believe that a customer’s experience is crucial, which is why we always start with having our service center clean. You will walk into our service center and notice that the floors have been polished to ensure there aren’t any fluids or stains. While you wait for your vehicle, we welcome you into our clean and comfortable waiting area where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and a pastry (not offering pastries during the pandemic but we do have vending machines), assuming Jeff from accounting didn’t take the last one.

Maintenance & Repair


The VIP Service Center at Bill Luke Santan is open for business, it’s prepped and ready to service all makes and models. The service center is staged with state-of-the-art technology and service bays to provide customers an experience like no other. Get ready to perform maintenance, enhancements, revitalizations and warranty work on your vehicle. We are looking forward to servicing your vehicle at the VIP Service Center at Bill Luke Santan!

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