Our VIP Experience here at Bill Luke Santan offers many perks, the largest of which being that taking advantage of the VIP Experience is free. Additionally, the VIP Experience prides itself on providing an expedited, personal, and customized experience. At Bill Luke, we know your time is valuable, and we want to make sure you feel prioritized and get in and out to test drive and take home your car on your time. Any and all questions you have throughout this car buying experience will be answered by your VIP Express Concierge. Your comfort and ease during the car buying process is our priority – skip the line and enjoy an ice cold water or soda on us to keep cool in the Arizona heat.

The VIP experience here at Bill Luke Santan can be broken down, as seen below, into VIP Appointments and VIP Express. 


  1. Use our website billlukesatan.com to find the used car that you wish to test drive. 
  2. Give us a call @ (480) 676-6699 and ask for one of our VIP express concierges and tell them which vehicle you are interested in – it’s as simple as that. 
  3. Confirm your appointment for a test drive of whichever vehicle on our lot that you would like to inspect and take for a ride. 
  4. When you come in for your appointment, your desired vehicle will be ready for you to test drive right on the spot.
  5. After viewing and test-driving the vehicle, you’ll be able to sign and complete the process.


If you have a busy schedule and want to get in and out, below is a step by step guide to taking advantage of our VIP Express Process: 

1. Steps 1 & 2 of the VIP Express will be the same as steps 1 & 2 for VIP appointments as seen above. In these steps, you will decide which vehicle you want to test drive and potentially take home. However, after that is where the experiences will begin to differ.

2. Completely online, we will agree to numbers that will depend on a few variables from you.  

                  a. Are you trading in a vehicle? If so, we will need an exact 20-day payoff and will have you complete a link for an estimated trade-in offer.           

3. In the event that you’re financing, we will have you fill out our secure online credit application.

4. We will take a walk-around video to go over vehicle imperfections, floor mats, keys, and manuals for the new car that you have your eye on. 

5. Fill out our online deposit form with a $1,500 deposit through your credit card. This will remove the vehicle from the lot and ensure you are the only one able to purchase the vehicle. This is good for 72 hours, giving you three days to come down and check out your vehicle. The $1,500 will either be refunded or can be used towards your purchase, depending on what decision you make. 

6. Email or text us a copy of your drivers license, trade-in registration, and current insurance card. 

7. We will then prepare all your paperwork and one of our Finance Managers will send you a zoom meeting invite via your preferred contact method to virtually review all your paperwork.

8. Then, we will set up an appointment for you to come in and complete the purchase process. Your vehicle will be detailed and ready for you to test drive in our designated V.I.P. area.

Once you have viewed and test-driven the vehicle it is our promise that you will sign and drive in 45 minutes or less in our 45 and Drive Guarantee.


At Bill Luke Santan, we offer an impressive arsenal of used vehicles, and we want to send you home in the right vehicle for you. With the VIP Appointments, you can choose which car you’d like to test drive and when, for an expedited process. With VIP Express services, you complete the majority of the car buying process online, so once you decide it is the vehicle for you, all you have to do is sign and drive. 

Additionally, we are proud to offer a VIP Service as well that services all makes and models as well. Whether you decide to buy with us you are more than welcome to take advantage of all that we offer here. At Bill Luke Santan, we value your time just as much as you do.

Check out our walk-through video below to see an example of how the VIP Experience works. 

Bill Luke Santan 33.2893926, -111.7617546.